Click Detector isn't working

There is a click detector in my cylinder part, all of the five parts have decals on it. When i try to click the part the click detector doesn’t seem to be working.

an invisible part could be blocking the click detectors or maybe the click detector MaxActivationDistance is too low


Please send me the part properties

the max activation distance is 32
and also when i have my mouse on the button and then click on the windows key on my keyboard, the mouse becomes clickable until i press back on the roblox sutdio tab

is this what u wanted?

make the part containing the click detectors thicker

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Did you set the cursor icon in the click detector to something else?

Make sure there are no invisible parts obstructing the clickdetectors as well

Have you tried clicking it at different angles? It could be due to the client’s perspective.

If it only works at different angles maybe you could try increasing the max activation distance even though it’s already at 32, just see if it makes a difference.

Well i just found out that click detectors dont work for me when joining the place to test it out. I discoverd that the click detectors only work when generating a local server.

How to make a gui that sorts by how many points you have in a leaderboard

I am trying to make a gui that sorts by how many points you have in a leaderboard.

I want it to look like this:

1 - (Name) - (Points)

2 - (Name) - (Points)

3 - (Name) - (Points)

4 - (Name) - (Points)

5 - (Name) - (Points)

6 - (Name) - (Points)

7 - (Name) - (Points)

8 - (Name) - (Points)

9 - (Name) - (Points)

10 - (Name) - (Points)

I have tried this:

local leaderstats =“ScreenGui”) local Frame =“Frame”) local UIListLayout =“UIListLayout”) local Leaderboard =“TextLabel”) local Team =“TextLabel”) local Name =“TextLabel”) local Points =“TextLabel”) local Points_2 =“TextLabel”) local Name_2 =“TextLabel”) local Team_2 =“TextLabel”) local Points_3 =“TextLabel”) local Name_3 =“TextLabel”) local Team_3 =“TextLabel”) local Points_4 =“TextLabel”) local Name_4 =“TextLabel”) local Team_4 =“TextLabel”) local Points_5 =“TextLabel”) local Name_5 =“TextLabel”) local Team_5 =“TextLabel”) local Points_6 =“TextLabel”) local Name_6 =“TextLabel”) local Team_6 =“TextLabel”) local Points_7 =“TextLabel”) local Name_7 =“TextLabel”) local Team_7 =“TextLabel”) local Points_8 ="TextLabel