Click "Play": Couldn't create buffer error

I clicked play in studio and got this error message:


So, I clicked OK and studio was completely frozen.

After reopening, it was fine!

EDIT: Reopened, clicked play and it was fine but after clicking “Stop”. I got this:

After second restart, it seems to be working fine at the moment…

Do you have Win10 AE and an nVidia graphics card?

Yes I do!

Sorry, should have put that in my original post! Is it a known bug then?

The error code is DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED, i.e. Direct3D 11 runtime thinks that the gpu driver has stopped talking to it. It’s been occurring in other games as well.

Go to C:\Users<you>\AppData\Local\Roblox\logs, find the most recent log_???_1.txt and upload it somewhere.

We’re primarily looking for this line:

D3D11 FATAL ERROR: Device removed with reason <code>

but it might contain other important clues.

Ah OK!

The most recent log only has data from the last 10 minutes or so - should I find the log from the moment when that happened instead?

Yes, the “Device removed with reason” code is what we’re looking for.

Hmm, I’ve searched all the log files from around that time and can’t find it :confused: