Click sound when turning switching Sound

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So i’m making a system where when a button is pressed a sound plays, and if its pressed again, a different one plays, and if its pressed again, the 1st sound plays again. (I can’t say too much).

I already have the scripts for this (Sound:Pause() and Sound:Resume()) but for some reason when the sound changes, there’s a little click sound. It almost sounds like that click you hear when you plug/unplug headphones. It ruins the vibe (horror).

Is there anyway to remove this? It seems like every sound (from the library) iv’e tested have the same problem.

Here’s what it sounds like:

Any help is appreciated!

I think you’ll either have to manually make your own audio or edit it in a way so that it doesn’t have that sound, or it’s either a roblox problem

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Is there a wait()?

Give it a try, it might be Roblox’s audio system issue. I have no idea but to guess it is. Let me know if this is a solution, thanks.

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@wxlvis @Vernlage

Hm, for some reason the problem seems to be occurring with every sound i have. The click even happens when i’m listening to the preview and i pause. Really weird. I don’t think i can edit the sounds to fix it, or add a wait to fix it because of that. I suspect it has something to do with SoundService (i messed with it abit).

I’ll try to get some different sounds, but until i don’t, i’ll keep this post up incase anybody knows the solution.

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Have you tried using other sounds if it still occurs?

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Yes i have.

(30 charsssssssss)

Can I take a look at the script?

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Inbetween some code that has nothing to do with sounds:

Function that plays first Sound:


Function that plays second Sound:


I don’t think the script has much to do with it, because as pointed out:

[Update: Sound Service has nothing to do with it]

Try this:

function onclick()
	workspace.YOURSOUNDMODEL.YOURSOUND.Playing = true --change "yoursoundmodel" into the model that will activate the sound. Then change "yoursound" into the name of the sound you want to play
workspace.YOURSOUNDMODEL.ClickDetector.MouseClick:Connect(onclick) --same goes for this one

I appreciate the help, but i don’t think the scripts matter as said in the previous reply. I believe the sounds do that because of the bass/loudness or something like that. I guess all i can do is either ignore it, or cover it up with another sound inbetween.

I appreciated the help anyway :+1:

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I’ve tested a part with ClickDetector with a scary noise from Roblox Library and it seems to be normal for me. You might want to give it a try. >:)

The problem is when it switches(Pauses) it makes the noise, not when it plays.

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Ah, I see. Very weird, I hope someone will get back to you soon. I’ll try to figure a way out for you.

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