"Click to add part" plugin?

Is there a plugin where you can click in two spots, and it’ll add a part with a set width and height based on those areas? This would be really useful because I have to build roads on uneven surfaces :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!


You could use GapFill + a pair of parts that you use as inter-section markers for where to fill to do this nicely. It would even let you do it over arbitrary uneven terrain reasonably well.



Hey, that’s a good idea. The trick will be keeping the part count low because of how gigantic the map is, but thanks!

I’m way ahead of you! If it’s possible to use a single part rather than multiple wedges to fill in a gap then GapFill will do so. It only uses as many parts as are needed:


Oh that’s great then. But part count would still be a factor because, as you can see in the example, the most efficient way to complete that gap fill would be to resize the bottom grey brick and add a wedge :slight_smile: But I think regular gapfill will work well for now.

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There’s also Resize Align for that. Requires an extra step, though.


I love using GapFill. I use it all the time for my trains. But right now, I use PowerFill, which is someone else’s ‘remix’ of your GapFill because it broke on my end.


I just fixed it.

However, I imagine theirs is better, since there’s a lot of improvements that can be made with more recent features than I had at the time like using Neon parts to make the selection more clear etc. Anything that you would want in it if I updated it?

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If you ever do update it could you possibly refine the “best guess” option, it usually is always off, thats just my suggestion.

Maybe support for RGB color properties on a part? When I use GapFill on a part that is colored something like 10,80,125 (Amtrak blue, lol) as an example, the generated part(s) go to the nearest ‘preset’ BrickColor like “Navy blue”.