Clickable asset paths

Let’s say I have some sort of asset path in a script:

local blueprint = game.ReplicatedStorage.Assets.UI.Notifications.Bottom.Item

I’d like to be able to shift-click (or something) the variable/path and have the explorer jump to selecting the asset. It’s quite tiring to have to manually search the path in explorer to find the asset. Other big game engines support this feature.


A workaround that currently exists in studio is the Quick Open shortcut. You can access it by pressing ⌘ + P. I think it is Ctrl + P on Windows. It lets you paste in full/partial paths to scripts or objects.

True, but I prefer to keep my ctrl+P scripts only :frowning:

Thank you for the feature request. We are looking for ways to improve script navigation, and this would seem to fall well into that category (especially combined with some natural extensions like clickable require statements…). We’ll file a ticket to look at this, and reach out if we need any more information.