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ClickAttack Update Logs

Remember: The most recent update can be found in game by going to the main menu and looking at the modifiers board

a1.3.7 - Heads up!

  • Added Barriers [WIP]
  • Added Lasers
  • Added spinning to Triangles
  • Re-Texturized Big and Small Triangles

a1.3.6 - Pretty Lights

  • Added background lights
  • Fixed Grading system to be more accurate.

a1.3.5 - I’m #1!

  • Added Leaderboards!

a1.3.4 - 255 Crayon Pack

  • Custom Colors for Notes!
  • Fixed critical bug where failing a song more than 2 times would keep spawning blocks and playing the song.
  • Fixed modifiers taking away from the score
  • Fixed Changing Colors not modifying the score

a1.3.3 - Mr. Worldwide

  • New Image for Standard
  • New Music Pack Bar (Will be Used Soon)
  • Added Multiple Languages
  • Added Settings

a1.3.2 - Don’t Miss Any!

  • New Insta-Fail Modifier
  • Preparations for more difficulties and modes!


  • Fixed Issue with DoubleSpeed and blocks not spawning in

a1.3.0 - The Grading System

  • Added sounds to buttons
  • Added scrolling with buttons
  • Added percentage and grade calculation (Thanks Dummiez for the help! :slight_smile: )
  • Added Score Screen
  • Songs are now previewed
  • Fixed multiple issues with failing a song

ClickAttack Roadmap

Blocks and Lighting


[X] 3D Moving Blocks
[X] 2 Different Colors
[ ] Exploding Animation
[X] Obstacles


[X] Neon Lights
[X] Lasers
[X] Background Lights (Turned out to be a skybox)
[ ] More Platforms
[X] Spinning objects (Big Triangle Spin)


[ ] 8 Modifiers
[ ] No-Fail
[ ] Half Speed
[ ] No Obstacles
[ ] Extra Life
[X] Insta Fail
[X] Double Speed
[X] Changing Color
[X] Disappearing Notes

Menu and Game stuff

[X] Smooth UI
[X] Leaderboards
[ ] Multiplayer
[ ] Menu Animations


[ ] Load Verified Mods
[ ] Load/Create Maps


[X] Music Packs
[X] Custom Colors
[ ] In-Game Graphics settings
[X] Settings


Change Languages

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Language
  3. Select the Language you want

Grading System

Grading is depending on how far away you click at a block. Each hit adds a value to a numerator(The magnitude of the block from you) and a value to the denominator(25). Now it is possible to get above 25 Points. You can be awarded 5 bonus points, for clicking closer to the center of the block. So the max for each click you can get is 30/25!


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