ClickDetector Hover Over Cursor Is Gone?

ClickDetector CursorIcon / HoverOver not working

For an unknown reason, my mouse cursor no longer changes into a pointer hand when the mouse hovers over the click detector’s parent. Previously, this was a default feature that I did not need to code. Just place a click detector inside of the part and the hover over effect worked perfectly. Approximately two weeks ago, the feature stopped working and I did nothing to make this change take effect. Here is a short video to show the click detector inside of a part and ClickDetector.CursorIcon setting is blank.

Take note that the cursor does not change into a pointer finger and the click detector works as intended. How Odd. All click detectors across the whole game are behaving in this way. When I use code to access the ClickDetector.CursorIcon property it still does not work. It is as if the HoverOver effect has been disabled game wide. I don’t even know if that is possible. Can someone help? I would love for my players to understand and know that a thing is clickable as it used to work. I have never accessed any click detector properties in any script. So this is a default issue or studio/game setting issue and I can’t find a clue.


i think that might be a Glitch, because that didn’t get removed at all and works fine in my games.

This always happens because of the roblox studio update, but if everything works fine, don’t think too much about it, it will come back.

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Do you know this from experience? Or is this hopeful thinking?

Well that was a hopeful thinking but is the most possible option.

Anyways maybe if this help and you really want the icon to show try this in the property CursorIcon