ClickDetector not working on player?

As you can see here, there’s no click icon:

How it is parented:
Despite the click range is sufficient. (Even at 1000)
More information: This green ball is Cloned() and welded to the player. The original one is clickable.
EDIT 2: Creating an ClickDetector instance and parenting it to the green ball still makes the ball unclickable.

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To begin with, I thought that any ClickDetector parented to parts that are parented to a character with a humanoid will not work. I tested this theory by placing a ClickDetector in the head of my character, and sure enough there was no click symbol either.

So I’m thinking it’s probably not registering because its parent is under the character. Is it possible to Weld this to the character while parenting this to Workspace instead?

I just read a post about this and your mouse is filtered from your character (like a blacklist). So you actually can’t click on your character. This is true, because I tested this 2-Players and I could click on the other player.

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I see!
Since the mouse is blacklisted from the character and it’s descendants, a solution I see viable would be to weld the ball to the character but keeping it parented to workspace…unless you have other ideas

Sadly I have to keep the ball parented the way it is. Someone suggested Raycasting. I have 0 clue what that is, so Imma read on it and see if it helps.

That’s a good solution too, definitely look into that

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