ClickDetector.MouseClick is not replicated?

I created a Server Script that will check if a player clicks on a part, the code was working yesterday, but now it doesn’t detect when a player clicks the part. My filtering enabled was off at the time, but it still doesn’t work even if I set it to false.

for i,v in pairs(Part:GetChildren()) do
    print("Parts") --prints "Parts x NumberofParts"
        print("Click",Client.Name) --does not print

I have identified the issue, I disabled a Local Script that utilizes a player’s mouse and ContextActionService, if the local scipt is enabled, all click detectors don’t seem to respond to clicks. Is this a bug?

Did you make sure the MaxActivationDistance isn’t on something a bit absurd?

The max activation is set to 10. The click mouse icon shows up when I hover over the part, but the server script does not detect when the part is clicked. I’ll have to disect my local script to find out what’s blocking the click detectors from communicating with the server.

Well, the wiki has this to say about ClickDetectors:

Since you asked a question about BindAction with mouse a while ago this may be the culprit.

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Haven’t tested this, but you can make the action handler for the mouse button return Enum.ContextActionResult.Pass so that it goes through.


I created a toggle to bind and unbind the buttons, this is what I was supposed to do in the future anyway. Thanks for the suggestion tho.

That’s because the property doesn’t do anything anymore. You can’t turn off FilteringEnabled.

And, well, going to parrot it anyway, but ContextActionService actions take priority over ClickDetectors.

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