Clicker Game Review

Hello! Please give me some feedback on this game that I made, keep in mind the fact that it is still in development and some features are still missing, pets, some upgrades, etc. So please only reply with your opinions of existing gameplay mechanics and graphics. Everything is subject to change. The game is a cookie cutter clicker game and yes, I do realize this type of game is fading. Here’s a link:

Button Mashers Link - Roblox

Also if you encounter bugs relating to gamepasses, please tell me immediately.

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How can I give feedback when I can’t play them game unless I purchase something.

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Please explain the issue. What do you mean by can’t play without spending money?

I need rebirths to spawn in the games correct? I have to purchase a token and I have but the auto clicker.

No, not that I know of. You can click the mash button several times, then click a rebirth button to get more mashes. I don’t believe you need to spend money to use most functions.

How do I get into the first portal?

Check the sign to the left of the portal, it says what you need.

Let me try again, thanks a lot.

hm. tbh its nicely polished but theres nothing special about it. id just go play pet sim x as a player
i dont think theres anything that makes this game live than new mechanics. not that they have to be hard to code, just smth no other clicker game uses

but if you want to improve player stay time, give the 2nd area out sooner. i got bored stuck in area 1 and left 6 mins after joining

anyway good luck! youre a good modeler

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Thank you very much for your feedback. I’ll be sure to take these suggestions to upgrade the game.

The auto clicker gamepass is useless as people can just use their own auto clicker.

It has the speed of someone’s own autoclicker. Therefor it is better and combines with their own it makes for an even better amount of Mashes.

Instead of buying the autoclick gamepass, you could just use an autoclicker (most people have one).
I suggest you add a delay for each click. Around 0.3-0.5 seconds per click on the button. That way, people can’t abuse the button.