Clicking configure on gamepass on develop page of "Private" game takes you to the wrong page

When I click “configure” on a gamepass from the develop page for a private game it sends me to the wrong page. It works fine for public games I only have this issue when viewing passes for private games. As a side note, it is also impossible to see gamepasses for private games from the develop window without first clicking “create gamepass” for that game. It then lists the game in the drop down of “public games”, despite not being public.


Click this:

Taken to this page:

Gamepass in question (but this works for any gamepass for a private game): Skateboard Pass - Roblox

If I make the game public I don’t have these issues.

This may be related to this post, but here the suggested cause was browser extensions (which I don’t have): Clicking "Configure" on Gamepass in Develop Page Takes Me to Wrong Item


Both of these are for unrelated issues and I actually pointed the first one out at the end of my post. This is an issue regarding “private” games.

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My bad.

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