Clicking "Games" doesn't work unless you click the text on Dark theme

I clicked games thismorning and it didn’t load, so I figured I’d just missed the click.

But it seems only the text portion of the button is clickable, even though the hover-effect happens for the entire button.


I wasn’t able to reproduce this bug. Can you tell me how to do it in case im doing it wrong

I have reproduced this, and it applies to all four of the header buttons (games, catalog, create and Robux), tested in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The missing info in OP is that this only occurs on Dark theme. On default theme there is no such line that appears underneath the labels and it won’t give the impression you can click it anywhere but the text. (EDIT: added to title)


I’ve had this problem before. Quick fix: set the a tag’s width to 100% via CSS so it fits within its container (li).

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That, typically, would not cause this type of issue.

If this were a bug, then a browser incompatibility would be far more likely than an operating system or even a hardware one.


Woah I didn’t even consider that, nice find.

I tested it out on light theme and it has a similar issue(?) where it shows you a click cursor that does nothing until you hover over the text.

Not a big deal in English, but if I switch to korean the “clickable area” is actually pretty small comparatively. Just thought it was worth mentioning! (ignore the auto translator in the last frame)