Clicking Madness 2.0 a game that I made changes today, thoughts?

Clicking Madness 2.0 before called as God of Speed I made changes!!

Game Link : Clicking madness - Roblox

Please Give Your Reply About it in comments (if good please say/if bad please say)…

Thank You!


I just checked out your game, and i’ve noticed that the spawn locations are on CanCollide, so you might wanna change that, but i haven’t came across any bugs whatsoever.

Also, the map seems to be pretty empty, try adding rocks, mushrooms, flowers to get a better overall look, and a more visually appealing low poly map.

Other than that, i don’t think there’s too much to add. The game is decent, Carry On!

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Thanks a lot i will add more Low poly Models to make it more cartoonistic and ill make the Spawn Collide.

Thank you

alr request sent! we will start working on the game soon…

Personally, I don’t like games like this at all. I dislike games that are 1. Blatant copies of others games and 2. Simulators like these. The idea of a “Clicking simulator” is just not original at all. I don’t have a problem with simulators, but things like “Clicking simulator” or “Jumping simulator” are just not good. Also, the map seems sort of boring. There is nothing else to do but click.

Please note I’m not trying to be rude in any way, just giving constructive criticism

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alr ok thank you ill do a changes in this and make a new kind of simulator than other simulators… thank you!

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