Clicking on a Link with the Middle Mouse Button Doesn't Count it as a Click

If you didn’t know, you can use the middle mouse button to open a link in a new tab. However when clicking on a link in the forum, it doesn’t count that as a click. I’m assuming it only checks when you left click.

Just use the middle mouse button to click on a link and the number won’t go up.
Test link


Yes, I can repo this. Additionally if you right click the link and select “open link in new tab,” same issue persists. Thus @D0RYU , this doesn’t require a middle mouse button, as long as you can right click to open the menu or do a three-finger tap on the trackpad to emulate the button, it has the same issue.

Middle click and “open link in new tab” are the same underlying functionality.

See: Link click counters not working for 'open in new tab'? - #2 by Stephen - support - Discourse Meta

Wouldn’t count on this being possible. You’d have to request the browser vendor(s) to support firing an event on the element when doing these actions, and then wait for all upstream software that Discourse uses to catch up.

lol, it works for me. whats wrong with your forum?

He’s talking about the counter next to the link.

oh, ok, yeah that makes sense just a discourse thing probably.
read the article now i understand

Thanks for the report, unfortunately we won’t be able to resolve this because of the issue @buildthomas point out above. Closing this out as “won’t fix”.