Clicking on developer stats = error

I can’t click on Developer Stats to see my graphs.

I’m using Chrome with windows 10.
Also just tried Microsoft Edge. Does not work.

Repro: Go to any of your games. Click Developer Stats

Confirmed on ROBLOX Deathrun - Chrome and Firefox

IE 11 doesn’t work on Windows 10 either.
Windows 10 isn’t supported though…

Still happening / bump

happening to me as well ; chrome win 7

Happens on my Moto G on chrome and Safari/Chrome on iPad. Also same as GollyGreg

Same here - Windows 10 + Chrome

Can confirm on iOS, aka it happens on every platform & browser lol.

The issues appears to be Roblox server side. I’m not sure why it would be caused by your OS or web browser…

Sorry about this. It should be fixed now.