Clicking Simulator [HIRING]

Hi guys me and my partner are making a sim game called Tapping World. We will be hiring a scripter. You will get 25%. You MUST HAVE A PORTFOLIO. Task: Strengthen my pet system, pet codes, and pet rewards. I have a pet system already made. Similar to Tapping Legends. I just need you to make it better with features like Equip Best, Search, UnEquip All. You are basicly specializing in the pet system. We are trying to update one of my games with 8k visits. Its made 5k robux but hasnt been updated in forever and I am wanting to update it now. Everything is done, leaderboards, pets, UI, (etc).

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add me on discord Yash#8292. PLEASE ONLY DM WITH PORTFOLIO. :slight_smile:

Ide like too be the logo designner.
portfolio: Sharkefex's UI And logo design portfolio [2020] [OPEN]

read the full post for contact and more info.

Hey is there a way I can become an moderator I, have 2 years of experience my discord ZicTacBack# 8061

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