Clicking Stop only half-stopped Play Solo

When exiting a Play Solo session, I was returned to my camera and could move around the place - but the stop button was still able to be clicked, and when trying to edit a script I was warned that my edits would not be saved due to the place still running.

I caught this on video but have no idea how to reproduce it.

As you can see in the video, clicking “Stop” a second time returned me to normal studio, but it took an extremely long time (about 20 seconds)

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First try closing out of Studio and restarting to see if it’s a temporary bug.
If that doesn’t work try uninstalling Studio and reinstalling it in case the bug was in your copy of Studio.

Hi there, have you been able to reproduce this since seeing it the first time? Having trouble getting a repro on this one.

Not seen it since, and no idea how to reproduce it!