Clicking the Animation section in Memory Analyzer causes a crash

Clicking the Animation section in the Memory Analyzer causes the Roblox instance to crash and create a dump file. This issue occurs on all Roblox applications including the Roblox Client, Studio and Windows Store version. (Requires AnimationWeightedBlendFix to be enabled.)

I believe the issue has to do something with the parallel animation update as this has recently started happening.

This bug report has an attached bug-files post with a crash dump:

Open the Memory Analyzer in developer console, go to client memory and open the animation tab.
The reproduction requires a character to be spawned in playing at least 1 animation. (A default base plate will reproduce the issue.)

This issue occurs only when AnimationWeightedBlendFix is enabled under Workspace.
You can reproduce this in studio by:
1.) Opening a new base plate.
2.) Enabling AnimationWeightedBlendFix under Workspace to Enabled.
3.) Play testing with at least 1 player and opening the developer console to the Animation section.

Repro Places: (Studio works too.)
JJBA: Game Link
Blend Cafe: Game Link

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We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you. Thanks!


Hello! Sorry it’s been awhile since someone has replied, but it appears that is bug may be fixed as I can’t repro the issue. Please let us know if you still experience this!

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