Clicking to open a script on macos tries to rename the script

Reproduction Steps

Whenever I try to double click to open a script on macos, I end up entering the renaming mode and can’t open the script. This is very frustrating. It takes a lot of clicking to eventually force the script to open.

I’m running the latest version of macos Ventura but this issue has been around for a while. I’m using a Macbook Air but it also happens on the Macbook Pro. It may be an issue with using the trackpad on the laptops but I don’t have a desktop running macos so cannot test it.

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 08.50.47

This is one of those small issues with the UX on macOS that makes developing games in Studio slow and frustrating.


Right-clicking the script and clicking “open” gets around the issue

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Often


If you are double clicking the name of the script, thats intended behavior.

Are you sure you are double clicking the space next to the name?

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I highly doubt it. This is not what happens on Windows

Yes let me just hit this tiny box rather than the name of the script which is how the UX works everywhere else including on Studio on Windows as above.

Interesting. I cannot replicate this issue. I am also on a Macbook air (M1) with Ventura using a trackpad and this has never happened to me.

Are you using an M1 or Intel mac? Perhaps it’s related to that? Although you’d expect the issue to be on an M1 rather than an intel.

Yeah so let me click the name. Links on the internet work by clicking the name. I can open folders on my computer by clicking the name. If I click on the name of a Roblox script it should open the script not prompt me to rename it.

It’s ridiculous to suggest that clicking somewhere other than the link is good UX. Imagine if to click on web links you had to click either side of the link??

I submitted a bug report to report a bug, not to be given workarounds.

If your double clicked on the script name then that is intended to happen. If you click anywhere else then the name (icon, blank area in the object) then it will not do this

I was just suggesting a workaround because the one you had given would be slower than the one I suggested, but okay, I will remove my replies.

The issue is being investigated. Thanks for the report!

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