Client Cannot Select Handles

I’m attempting to make a game that allows clients to select move and resize parts with Handles. The issue I’m having is although the Handles object is indeed a descendant of PlayerGui and a ScreenGui, the client’s mouse cannot actually drag or even select the gui handles. I didn’t have an issue with this initially, however the bug randomly started choosing when to happen, and now I can’t not replicate it.

Here’s a snippet for visual context

The mouse simply isn’t connecting and grabbing onto the handles as intended, even though they’re visible and clearly are there. Not sure whether if this is a Studio bug or not, but even if it was, I can’t report bugs there so I’m posting this here. Hoping I can get an answer as to why this is occurring.

Fixed the issue. I guess the Handles object must be directly parented to the PlayerGui, not a descendant of it.

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