Client can't see objects created by the server?

I am working on a randomized tree generator. Can anyone help me, by explaining to me, why this isn’t working. No objects are appearing in the “Trees” folder.

local tree = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Tree

for i = 0, 15 do
	local clone = tree:Clone()
	clone.Position =, 200), 500, math.random(-200, 200))
	clone.Parent = workspace.Trees
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Can you show your output for me?

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As clear as a glass of water. No errors or anything.

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Maybe you should change the zero to a one.

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Did you attempt doing print checks? Also could you try for I = 1,15 instead of 0

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I did run the loop with print checks, and guess what? It is not the loop.

The problem lies somewhere in the cloning maybe?

Is this on the server or client?

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Oh i think I see the issue, try doing local tree = game.ReplicatedStorage.Tree:Clone()

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server script, the code shown above is the whole script

Also that wouldn’t matter since the object is in ReplicatedStorage so it’s accessible by both

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Also just do tree instead of making a new clone variable

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By doing that, wouldn’t I only clone it once?

And, no, it would matter, I intend to do the spawning on the server

No, it wouldn’t clone it once since in the for loop it will call it 15 times


Hold up, the client can’t see the trees, but the server can.




I just tested this out and it works perfectly fine for me, The issue might be in another script maybe?

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Is the tree anchored? I had an issue when I first started our where if it wasn’t anchored it’d fall under the map and disappear

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These are the properties for the test part:

Ahaa. I think I just figured it out.

Does StreamingEnabled not let parts appear?

At certain distances I believe so, maybe that’s the issue

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Yes. I just moved closer to the trees, and boom. They all spawned!

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