Client cast vs Raycast hitbox. Which is better?

Hello, so rn im revamping my game’s hitbox which currently uses region 3. So im trying raycasting modules. My 1 question is which one is better, what are their pros and cons, and which is better. Thanks in advance!

If I were you I would make an effort to learn & understand Roblox’s implementation of Raycasts instead of using Modules.


Firstly, I just wanted to know what you’re attempting to use the Raycasts for? You say the games hitbox, but that’s pretty vague. It could be bullets, fighting, parts, etc.

Nevertheless, there’s this cool website called Google that has this amazing search feature built right into it’s website. It gives basically anyone access to any knowledge posted on the Internet!

Using that very website, I’ve found such documentation on this cool Raycast module Raycast Hitbox 4.01 by Swordphin123

Or, you could use FastCast made by the amazing Xan_TheDragon.

I do know how to use raycasts. I just think using a module would be better for this.

Im asking which is better. This doesn’t help at all. Im not an idiot

I was just giving suggestions on powerful community-made modules based on the context you’re trying to use Raycasts for. I use these very modules myself.

Well the way you said it came off as if i was an idiot. I was asking which one is better, client cast or the raycast hitbox module. If you used these modules then can you plz tell me which is better and their benefits?

After taking a read into the ClientCast module by PysephDEV, I would say it’s just up to preference. I’ve used the Raycast Hitbox 4.01 module before and had no problems. I’m not too experienced with ClientCast, but they seem very similar.

You can test both with 2 different tools to compare the simplicity of the setup, configurability, and any other factors that might come into how you want your games hitboxes to be adjusted.

Just reading through some of the documentation on ClientCast, it seems to be a little more complex but might be a better fit for your game.

Ah ok ty for the info.