Client crashing from custom Teleport UI

The place is crashing when you click Teleport. The reference was an issue, but now seems to be crashing regardless.

You can view the code since it is open source, view the StarterGui->Teleporter->Teleporter script for reference.

Repro is as simple as I can get it.

Challenge accepted! :123:

Didn’t crash on Mac, must be windows only.

Crashed for me on windows 10

I didn’t teleport (silly me thought I was respawning instead of teleporting because it happened so fast) or crash – Win7

Didn’t crash for me on Windows 8.1.

I fixed the live version, you’ll have to edit it yourself from what I said in OP
It also crashes studio

I have updated the Teleport place, however, it is still crashing on the teleport function, I’ll leave it with the crashing issue for now. It has a proper reference as well, but still seems to be crashing.

I had this same issue using OS X. All you gotta do is reset studio. (In preferences and the button on the bottom left)

Super necro but this will be fixed in next week’s release.

Tip: If you’re ever programming with C++ STL, don’t modify collections if you’re iterating over them :slight_smile:


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