Client creates huge log files

The Roblox Client allows the creating of massive log files, and I mean GB’s of text files that have the potential to max out the C drive disc space.

I do realize these files get cleaned up automatically but it should not be possible for any Roblox game to create a text document over 1GB in size by spamming the client side output.

In this particular case that I had today, it was the same sentence being printed in what I assume was inside a RunService loop. Roblox does not currently combine same output lines with (x???) like they do in Studio output, which would have prevented the case I had today. However if the text had any variations, this method wouldn’t be viable as there would have to be a smarter spam detection than simply comparing 2 output messages to being the same.

For those wondering, the output text files are being stored here: C:/Users/USERNAME/appdata/local/Roblox/logs

I have messaged the game owner about this issue in their game and they will resolve it soon. But this can happen to any Roblox game if you are not careful with what you are printing and how its being printed.

I am posting this in Engine Bugs instead of Engine feature request in hopes that this can be resolved sooner as this can potentially cause client crashes and memory leaks if it has not already.

You can delete files manually or clear with with a log cleaner.

Thanks for the report. We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll keep you updated on the progress!

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