Client Hanging when exiting Roblox

First off, please forgive me as I am posting this on mobile.

A game I am working on (Freefalling Simulator) has an odd issue where when you leave the game, the games music continues to play for quite some time! Well over 30-45 seconds. This also causes issues when I try to teleport players to other places within the universe as it can cause roblox to stop responding. Why is the game not properly stopping when you exit the game? Shouldn’t the background music stop after only a couple seconds? Is this a memory leak issue (I wouldn’t think so because it happens even after only playing for a few moments)?

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Try to play it on more platforms (desktop, tablet, xbox(if you have), mobile (bec roblox app is diferen on tablet and mobile android), what i saied above, but from apple (if you have)) and if it is just on some platforms, its a roblox bug.

This sounds to be the BindToClose issue:

They have a fix, it just needs to be implemented.

For the time being, look for any BindToCloses in your game (CTRL + SHIFT + F) and try to get rid of them.


Would this cause clients to yield even when only one player leaves the server?? Wouldn’t this only be the case if the server was trying to shut down?

Heres the game link so you can see it for yourself:

A single client hanging wouldn’t be caused to hang by :BindToClose() also Cole, isn’t it 8am? (I say as it’s 5am and I haven’t gone to sleep)

Yes, yes it is lol. The issue has been solved (and I don’t know how. I’ve updated several things and it seems to be fine now.)

Weird. I just closed the game and the music continued on for 25-30 seconds for me.

I take it back then. I have no idea whats causing it and now it seems to be random.

IDoLua doesn’t have his game hang at all, also, my game was still and older server, so you may have fixed it.

Update: problem not solved. I removed all BindToClose() connections and the error is still happening. The problem also seems to be random and doesn’t always happen.

Does anyone have any other ideas what’s causing the client to not disconnect properly that’s unrelated to BindToClose()?