Client Logs regarding "DefaultServerSoundEvent"

Over the past several months, I’ve received reports from various users who have an understanding of how the developer console works. On seemingly random occasions, their console becomes flooded with error messages as seen below:

The remote event “DefaultServerSoundEvent” is an event tied in with default player sounds and is inserted into ReplicatedStorage on runtime. The 2 scripts that use this remote event are inserted into StarterCharacterScripts on runtime. I’ve tested this by running a server on a blank workspace in studio.


I’ve attempted to search for any possible solutions on Google and found none. While this isn’t any sort of game-breaking issue, it is somewhat concerning and causes a noticeable frame rate drop while the Client Log panel is open and the error messages are being printed. This may also impact the developmental process in the case that a user encounters a bug, but cannot take a picture because their own console is being clogged up with these messages.

Another note: my game does not use this remote event aside from the default Sound script. Is there any reason on my end (as in, from what I’ve created) that would possibly cause this to occur?

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This looks like a bug.

The message is suggesting that, for some reason, nothing is listening to DefaultServerSoundEvent on the client-side.

The proper fix would be to figure out why LocalSound isn’t running. Looks like it requires a character to run – are you not using characters maybe?

A quick fix to hide the error is to have a small script in StarterPlayerScripts connect to DefaultServerSoundEvent so that it thinks something is connected:

game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("DefaultServerSoundEvent").OnClientEvent:connect(function() end)

This should let LocalSound do its job when it appears, but until then all requests to play sounds are ignored.

If you don’t use characters at all, you can make a script called Sound in StarterCharacterScripts to overwrite the one the appears when you press play. This will remove all the DefaultServerSound-related scripts from your game, but also disable character sounds.


Looks like that’s exactly what the issue was. The error messages would appear whenever the player was on a screen where their character was nonexistent, and so any sounds from other players would get stuck in an internal queue on the client, which eventually becomes exhausted.

Thanks for the help!

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I had this problem and did exactly that, just so I could ignore the error lol.