Client Memory Usage is unusually high?

Hi everyone!

I’ve come across an issue where the Client Memory Usage is nearing around 1500 MB.

I’ve tried everything I could to optimize it, I’ve made background meshes hull, collision off, anchored, turned off cast shadow, but it still wouldn’t even dent it.

Here’s a screenshot:

As you can see, the Client Memory Usage up there is REALLY high, even though I did everything to optimize the game.

What have you tried?

  • Streaming enabled = true
  • Background meshes = hull collision, cancollide = false, anchored = true
  • Tweens every frame = switched with non-tweens
  • General optimization

Please help!

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Are you checking in-game or in Roblox Studio? becouse in my place, if i open the console to check the memory, in studio, it shows 1562MB, but if i go in-game, it shows 312MB which is stable for roblox games. I think you should give reason to the in-game checking.


I think that if you check it on Roblox Studio, the counter counts the memory occupied by the engine too, so thats why it’s that high. That’s what i believe.

the problem with checking RAM usage on Studio is that it will count also the server replication so could be double or more the weight on the RAM, this is because usually in-game the servers are hosted by roblox and thus the RAM usage is lower meanwhile in testing (except for Team Test) the server is hosted locally. Must also be noted that Studio Client and Game Client are apparently differentiated by the engine.


Ohh, yes, i didn’t think about it. You are right.