Client Memory Usage Issue In Studio


I am having a client memory usage issue in studio with my game! The problem I have is that in-game the client memory is only about 400mb. However, in-studio it rockets to over 1700mb! This is causing a lot of lag and this error keeps getting put on the output:

ExtraMemoryUsed is not a valid member of NetworkSettings "Network"

Does anyone know what causes it and how to fix it? Thanks!


ExtraMemoryUsed in the Developer Hub seems to mention something about streaming but it’s not on the actual NetworkSettings documentation page. Do you know which memory categories inflate in Studio? 400 MB is already quite a bit of memory use but it seems strange for it to inflate to 1.7K.


Hey!! It says that it is Analytics!

That is the highest on the whole thing!

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Also default is the highest in the memory tab!

The analytics thing was in the Network tab of the console whereas this is the memory one!

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