Client Memory Usage

I’m just curious, what makes the client’s memory usage spike the most? I currently have 1.7K+ memory usage and I’m wondering if loops can make it go up the most, or if there’s something else that triggers it more.

I’m not really a hundred percent sure. But, from personal experience, RenderStepped really makes my PC lag.

There are various reasons on why your memory usage is high, one of the most common issues would be memory leaks, where unused memory are still persisting in your game. You can read more about here:

@Doomcolp RunService.RenderStepped events only lags if you use it wrong, by theory you should only use such event when you are scripting something which involves the client’s camera or the character model.


Oh well, thanks for teaching me something I didn’t know. I’ll keep this in mind from now on.

Thank you!

Now I see why people put 3_characters