Client mistaking desktop for mobile

This randomly happened. No way to repro it.

are you on a desktop trying to play a game?

Sent you a message with some tips for bug reports. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, first time it has ever happened.

Please include more details including your OS, hardware, the game settings and a link to the game.

What browser are you using? I had issues with Microsoft Edge before with that, but it may have been the built in touch screen on my Lenovo Yoga 2.

Chrome, it only happened once and it was when I was pressing join server, not play.

Sounds like the issue might be that you were trying to join a console server? I think console players can’t play with desktop players but I’m not sure. Also, will the server list display console servers when you view it on desktop?

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I’ve seen this happen when I try to join a server that closed before I joined.

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No, the player was in a desktop server. I was able to join him after I tried again.

I also get this frequently when trying to join games that just closed. I think it happens sometimes when you try to join a server you are already in, also.

There is a bug report for it as possibly an incorrect failure message from the web site, also.