Client physics sleep issue when tweening crane assembly

I’m trying to tween an upper crane assembly to a specific position, and the intended behavior is that the magnet part below it attached by ropes moves with the assembly as it is in motion. The tweens are being done on the server and appear to work just fine while viewing the server viewport, but on the client’s perspective the physics parts seem to go to sleep almost instantly and do not update until the tween has finished, quickly falling back to sleep again.

I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen with the physics engine or not, but I’m wondering if there’s any workaround to get this thing functional. I’ve tried doing the tweens on the client, but that seems to only do worse as the physics parts go to sleep and never wake up again, really at all, unless something externally comes into contact with it like a player or some other unanchored prop.

I’ve also tried to manually wake them up by anchoring and unanchoring the parts before I begin the tween, as well as quickly toggling the rope constraints themselves, but nothing has worked as of yet.

Anyone have any info?

Have you tried using PrismaticConstraints to move the crane sections? It seems to work pretty well with my crane and other heavy equipment:

You should try setting your crane’s network ownership to nil (server). It will force the physic simulation to run on the server but it won’t seem as smooth on the player’s view.

for _,Part in pairs(CraneModel:GetDescendants()) do
	if Part:IsA("BasePart") then

:warning: This must be run on the server to work properly
See the documentation for further explanation on how this function work

That would probably work, although I want to try to stick with tweening the top portion of the assembly unless there’s no way to fix the problem I’m having since I find it to be easier just to have the sections move to a specific CFrame.

I’ve just set the network ownership of all the unanchored parts to nil but am still having the same issue despite the crane parts being owned by the server.