Client Rendering Crash (Teleport + Fullscreen)

I have a 100% repro for this bug, and this bug will slaughter my new game because I encourage fullscreen.

[li]Enter game. F11 (fullscreen)[/li]
[li]Teleport to another place in the universe[/li]
[li]Try to exit fullscreen (F11)[/li]
[li]Client crashes[/li]
Basically your screen is stuck white and unresponsive.

Could someone confirm this? Happens on both PCs I own (Windows 7 and Windows 8).

It basically ruins my game that uses fullscreen because once I teleport the user they can’t exit fullscreen without a crash.

Can’t Confirm on Mac.

The one time Mac doesn’t have a bug that windows does : D

Was able to confirm on Windows 7.