Client Rendering security concerns

Hi there! So recently I have been working on a procedural generation of rooms, including chunkloading,(think of Minecraft )(which adds a cool non liminal twist to it, as the chunks don’t save), I have a small background in math and coding other generation stuff in python.

To make things short, to avoid player loading all of the currently loaded chunks (chunks loaded by other players) I made the server only handle coordinate room generation and position tracking. Which then sends a remote to the client with a table, local script on the client “renders” them step by step from the table given by the server, and removes certain rooms it’s supposed to deload. Performance wise, it’s absolutely insane, (renders 100 by 100) rooms real time with ease.

My biggest concern however, is the safety of that, I don’t have big Roblox safety experience, it’s close to non existent, and I ve heard all the do not trust the client stuff, but is a user with a hack client, capable of doing big harm to the game? I was thinking it’s pretty much the same as if it was rendered by the server, but I am not really experienced with allat so it would be wonderful to hear from some more experienced people :smiley:

Icl to you, I used to exploit, which gives a bit of experience on this stuff.

In general, it’s best to (like you said) never trust the client. In this case, it’s the same way. However, as long as you’re checking the position / cordinates on the server, and deloading the chunks as they leave them, I see no issues. Just make sure that the table is cleared when they go to load new chunks, otherwise exploiters could slow down the server (if the server has to return 1000’s of chunks at once it will not be happy, lol)

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Yah ofc Ty, actually it sends 2 tables, one with what to generate, and then after that what to delete, I got off topic tho Ty

No worries man, best of luck :smiley:

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