Client side Touched event also visible on the Server?

I have a part, which is CanTouch = false on the server and CanTouch = true on the client.
However the server still detects Humanoid touches of this part?
What can be the reason for this?


Even if can collide is off, the touch still registers. That’s just how Roblox works. But - there is a property called CanTouch in parts, and if you untick it it will not register.

CanTouch is set to false on the server, this is the problem, as written in my original post

This might be because the network owner of the part is set to the client where CanTouch is true. However, this is problematic because if it was set to the server, the client would not be able to tell if something was touching.

I think you might have to change your system’s functionality.

For debugging, you can call basepart:GetNetworkOwner() in a server script to verify this.