Client Side vs Server Side fall damage

I have just implemented a Server Side fall damage script that I found here.

However, there is a ~1 second delay to receive fall damage, and when you hold a movement key whilst falling, it doesn’t register fall damage. BUT serverside scripts are immune to exploiters unless your game is infected, which gives me the motivation to fix the issues with the current server script.

However, I don’t want to waste time doing this if a client-side script would be better. Any thoughts/opinions on this?

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It depens on game type. Generally I would consider client side fall damage, I suppose you can try enhance my fall damage script further, but generally client side is less expensive for this kind of operations. I think I have an idea how to proceed falls faster, but this will take more performance anyway.

Alright. Thank you for the response.

I though of another solution that may work without depending on client.
Simply detect and apply the damage to the player before they hit the ground.
So it will seem like the damage is applied while they hit the ground but infact the calculation was done before.
There are 2 problems I could think of.

  1. Maybe something would go under their legs while that “pre-calculation” is made and then it wont be right anymore.
  2. The player will go from higher ground to really low one, for example a stair like mountain.
    For example, if the player falls from stair 3 and gets to the edge of stair 2 and in the time of the calculation they get of the edge midair and fall to stair 1, then the calculation would be wrong.

Dont know if it is fiting your needs, but hope this helps!

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