Client Using Significantly More RAM When Compared to Other Individuals

Hey folks,

So lately I’ve been noticing I’ve been crashing quite a bit on this one particular game. Albeit it’s big, and albeit I don’t have the best of rigs, I’ve been keeping it at a decently low graphics level and have been consistently running 60FPS on the game itself, but have also been consistently crashing after a certain amount of time.

I did a tad bit of investigation and the only thing I’ve narrowed it down to is the fact my system is using significantly more RAM when compared to some of my counterparts who are running the game at max settings.

For reference, I’m clocking in at 3.2GB, and my counterparts are clocking in at roughly 2-2.5GB, and even as low as 1.3GB.


  • Intel i5 Octo-core @ 1GHz
  • 11GB RAM
  • Integrated Graphics

All of this came from the place below, at Graphics Level 2

Memory Usage Profile:

Friend’s Memory Usage Profile:
This is the more extreme example, whereas he’s clocking in at 1.5GB.
It may be worth noting he’s set to Graphics Level 10, whereas I am set to Graphics Level 2


I have a question, how does the crash look like? I have been having problems with crashing on which the screen kind of freezes, the entire client freezes, no response, no nothing. But it doesn’t close roblox, it isn a “crash” as much as a freeze which just doesn’t end.

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Sometimes, but very few out of the overall times, it crashes in a similar manner. The screen freezes, and I can still hear sound, and any interactions I engage in still generate sound, but there’s no visuals to go along with it.


Hm, then it’s probably not related. Mine freezes completely, and sound just turns off. It’s also usually when I’m on alt+enter mode. (True fullscreen).

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If I may ask, what do your specs look like?

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Hm, this has been happening since maybe, 2 days ago? I’m not sure. Might be the new release, but my specs are about;

Some ryzen processor with like 2 cores, and 1.67Ghz (i don’t remember the name oof)

8 gb of ram, 2 dedicated to integrated graphics

No dedicated GPU obviously,

Windows 10 64 bits

They’re not the best specs, but because of the dedicated ram to integrated graphics, I actually get about 120fps on ARSENAL. Usually more in other games.

For software inside roblox, I only use rbxfpsunlocker by axstin and also the alt+enter fix since that got “removed”.

This sounds unusual, but I’m not sure it’s enough to constitute a bug report. Could you include more information? It would be good to know how much memory your client uses in a blank baseplate compared to other users. Other things that would be helpful:

  • What are your specs?
  • What graphics level are you using?
  • What place did you use to test this?

He said these though.

And for the place:

(I think that’s a game, I might be dumb lol)

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I’m asking for specifics. The information provided is not enough to figure out what’s wrong.

  • Low graphics level - What graphics level is that? Is it 1, 2, 3…?
  • What place? - What is the link to the place that they’re seeing this at.

Edited the original post with the information


Can vouch for problem as well; whether it be in studio or game, the client uses significantly more RAM although my gaming laptop has decent graphics. I mean, Steam games which are far bigger run flawlessly compared to the ROBLOX engine.

It started happening yesterday and is still ongoing, this is a critical bug and needs to be resolved ASAP.

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