Client viewmodel desynced with other effects

So for my viewmodel I have it update each RenderStep to look with your camera.

However, the taser beam effect is desynced with the viewmodel movement for some very strange reason. I use the same thing for both the viewmodel and the beam, I just CFrame it where I want it. Really don’t get why I’m getting this desync.

Only thing i can think of is the fact the arm parts and other things are welded to the root part (which is what gets CFramed each RenderStep to look in the camera direction) so I do wonder if that’s the cause.

Thanks for reading.


Upon further inspection, there definitely seems to be some weird weld desync going on.

Might just have to make it so the viewmodel doesn’t use welds at all, not really sure here

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Try using a plugin to edit welds, this is really strange, i have no idea whats going on here.

Here’s a weld editor plugin anyways!(By @egomoose)

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Where is the beam supposed to go is it supposed to be pointing towards the mouse?

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It’s supposed to be moving perfectly in sync with the taser, but it’s desynced with the taser’s movement.

Based on the testing I’ve done this seems to be an issue with welds, however I do not know a fix for it.

Have you tried altering the CFrame to offset more to the left? Just take whatever CFrame you have and do like beamCframe +,-x,0)

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The issue would appear that the part’s CFrame is not actually corresponding to its rendered position on the screen, causing desync to happen.

It works fine if I position the part to another part that is not being welded.

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Are you using deprecated welds or weldConstraints?

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