ClientCast or Raycast Hitbox for melee system?

Hello, I’m working on a melee system for my FPS game, and I came across Raycast hitbox. I read the thread about it and found it to be rather fascinating, but then I came across ClientCast, which is a raycasting system similar to Raycast hitbox. They’re almost identical to me, which is why I started this thread. I’m trying to figure out which raycasting module is ideal for the melee system I’m working on. Another question: other than these two, is there a “better” raycasting module? If that’s the case, please let me know.

Please correct me if I’m in the wrong category :smiley:

Edit: The melee system that I want to make is nothing special, just a regular melee that you’ll see in most games. An example is Call of duty’s.

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I’d highly reccomend using ClientCast then fire a remote event to deal damage, if you ran everything on the server the game would lag to an unplayable point.

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If you don’t mind, I wanna know their difference. Is there like a difference in performance, what the module can do, or something?

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Firing the ray on the client would only show it for the client (you could add the effects onto the server), meaning only the player who fired the ray would get “lagged” by it, if it was on the server everyones client would register it, causing people to lag when lots of rays are being fired.