ClientSided - Terrain?

I’m querying whether or not it actually be possible to load Terrain as a singular instance into a Players client rather than it being Server wide?

I’m currently working on an RPG that relies on Chunk / Section loading for the Planets - Ideally, I wish to use SmoothTerrain for these Planets, however, I’m unsure if / how I can load them into the Players client when needed?



You cannot reparent, remove, replace or instantiate the Terrain instance itself in any way. The terrain scripting methods can be used on the client to modify terrain client-sided.

However, if performance is your only concern, I recommend not doing so. Terrain has a relatively little impact on performance and the engine automatically reduces quality of distant terrain drastically.


TerrainRegions would be the easiest way to do this…but their internal data doesn’t replicate to the clients, so it’s not doable.


From games suches as: Pokémon Brick Bronze which adopted a chunk method using bricks for terrain - then fast forward to Loomian Legacy where they use actual SmoothTerrain but somehow still operate their Chunk System?