Climbing over an edge that is made of meshes instead of parts

Hello (Whoever is reading this),
I’ll get straight to the point, I was working on a project I was starting on a climbing mechanic. And after snooping around,

I saw that climbing is mainly done with raycasting and parts. HOWEVER, Here’s where I’m asking for help (not for code examples or anything, Just for understanding a concept),

Would it be possible to do the same thing with meshes? (Not if it’s a good or bad idea, Just if its possible and are there any issues I should worry about if It is possible and I choose to go in that direcftion?)

p.s sorry for the weird question I didn’t know where to ask this and I’m sorry for the long message it’s my first time asking a question TwT

if the climbing mechanics was already designed to work with non-blocky surfaces then it should be fine. if you make a smooth-looking cliff out of only primitive parts (the brick, cylinders, wedges, balls) and you can climb it with no problem, then it should definitely still work with meshes

If you’re talking about custom complex meshes then as long as the collision fidelity is accurate raycasting should work just as it would for any part.

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