Clipdescendants doesn't seem to work with UI Corner

I am having this issue with a GUI, even though there is a UI corner, it doesn’t clip that part since its only visual, it doesnt actually change the box of the frame. Is there any way to get around this?

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No, there is no way around this.

Is there another method without using clipdescendants?

-Make the Corner Radius of the UICorner smaller
-Make the ScrollingFrame smaller

I’m having this issue too, but unfortunately, there’s no way around this :confused:

You should submit this as a bug report. It should behave like any other frame despite the corner type.

(Bug support - DevForum | Roblox)

this is not a bug, this is unfortunately an engine limitation on clipdescendants.

how is it limited by the engine? I don’t see how it’s impossible to resolve…

2 things. 1, why are people responding to this over a year later? and 2, you would have to use a completely custom text system to have it clip at the radius.

1, because its still a useful thread
2, that still doesn’t answer the question as to why people say its not possible for roblox to fix.

I just genuinely think its possible for roblox to create a solution for this.

It is, but Roblox spends more time working on less useful features.


Roblox’s team prioritized performance over feature (engine wise), that’s why UICanvas, a long requested feature. Just recently get released and out of beta, and even with some limitations such as resolution.

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You can accomplish this with CanvasGroup | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

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