ClipDescendants Isn't Applying To Descendant With Rotation Above 0

I’m trying to make sure these descendant frames do not render, so naturally I attempted to utilize ClipDescendants property of 2 of it’s parents. And neither is applying properly.

Rotation set at 30

Rotation set at 1

Rotation set at 0

Any rotation value above 0 causes it to completely circumvent ancestor ClipDescendants. And I’m not really sure what to do. Is this a bug or intended?

Any help?


Just noticed that it is indeed a bug and has yet to be fixed for 7+ years. Nice.

I’m deciding to post this here so people who are still looking for a solution can find it here, as I did not find a solution myself without experimenting.
You can use CanvasGroup instead of a normal frame, I noticed that it still clips descendants even when rotated, although it doesn’t have an option to disable this behavior.