ClipDescendants unnecessary blurring

Simply put, if you turn ClipDescendants on, it will blur the GUI.

I change nothing else, just turning that on/off you can replicate this. Any “pixel-art-like” image should be able replicate this.

I don’t get why this happens, it should not happen at all. And the weirdest part is that the right side of the image is completely untouched.

I know about half-pixels, and how they sometimes cause this, but again, I changed nothing other than ClipDescendants and I’m 100% sure that there are no half-pixels present.

At this point it would just be nice to have the NearestNeighbour option everywhere alongside the current blurry resizing, especially for pixel-art styled games.

(Pretty sure that this goes into some sort of Studio Bug category but I can’t post there.)