Clipping image to image bounds

Good day, I am looking for a method to clip a player thumbnail to the bounds of a circle.
I have been looking for a method for a while now and cannot find one. I’ve seen many people have this issue and I think it’s a great idea for us devs to have a post for this solution.


The goal here is to have the character headshot clipped to the circle behind him.

I’ve heard of “alpha masks” which wouldn’t work in my case since behind my circle is the 3d world space and it must be transparent.

You could try using a UICorner and setting the CornerRadius to 1,0 for a perfect circle. It will cut off the edges, and should leave it cleanly snug inside your circle gui.

Here is what it looks like:

It should turn out like this:


You my friend, are an absolute life saver. It took 3 DAYS to find a well method. You have literally cured my ADD right now… Thank you!

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