Clock & Compass GUI v1.4 - Draggable & changeable frame UI inserter plugin (300+ Installations)

Sure thing :slight_smile:
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Bought! Keep up the good work! Will definetly use this and would’ve bought it even if it was more expensive!

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I’m thinking of making this a tutorial on my YouTube channel… “How to get WORKING CLOCKS - Roblox Studio”

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Actually I’ve made one, you can find the link above - but I’m happy if you do anything similar. :slight_smile:

I like to make my tutorials under 10 minutes long if possible :slight_smile:

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I was thinking on the price, I think it is a “low effort if you know how-to do” kind of thing.
I published a very innovative AutoWelder plugin for sale (29 Robux) - Feel free to check out that one if you are interested in model editing.

In fact this is new era for me to publish plugins in Marketplace, this was a recent surprise from Roblox to me, I try to keep the quality! :slight_smile:

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Good idea :slight_smile: I make 5-10 minutes tutorials in general, but this time I was lazy and missed out the cut phase.

  • info: In the original model there was a seconds pointer, that is useful if you want to show real-time (e.g. OS time) but mostly useless in game-time, this is why I left it out.
    In a “how-to make clock” tutorial it can be interesting…

A small change: the plugin will be disabled by default (as most plugins work).
Go to ‘Plugins’ menu, click on ‘Clock GUI Inserter’ icon to get acess to the dockable widget.

v1.1 Update:

New feature: Compass can be added to GUI!




  • default position is left / down corner
  • timer script removed when not in use (currently disabled only)

Clock & Compass GUI v1.2 update:

  • Fixed: default theme was not applied properly (but always the 1st one)

HI Guys!

A demo game is available to check out this plugin before you install it:

YouTube video about the use of Clock & Compass GUI plugin:

This is the Part 2. of a 2-part tutorial, the first video can be watched here:

Bought it just to upvote it and say nice work!

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Thank you for your choice and for the feedback!
May you’ll have any question just drop a line!

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Amazing work! love how clean it looks. Very useful (:

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Ty! I try to keep things simple :slight_smile:

v1.3 is out (optimizations only):

  • Widget gui object has been renamed, it is easier to find it in Explorer
  • Clock and compass codes have been cleaned up a bit, they are shorter & cleaner than ever!

If you like this plugin, feel free to check out my other works!

50+ installations reached, TY guys!

300+ Installations, TY Guys!!

v1.4: Plugin and demo game has been updated with some small fixes.

Why you don’t make it free :frowning:

i really thought it was more then 30 or more lol