Clock & Compass GUI v1.4 - Draggable & changeable frame UI inserter plugin (300+ Installations)

Hello Guys!

v1.4 is out!

  • Fixed: closing connections
  • Demo game: the same fix + some improved cosmetics

v1.3 is out!

  • Clock and Compass GUIs
  • Draggable
  • Clock theme is changeable
  • Demo ‘time changer’ script to quickly check the clock!


TLDR: find the free (lite) version link at the end!

I published a smart plugin by which you can insert a stylish, analogue clock GUI into your projects. After insterting the clock, you can freely edit the scripts and objects, add themes etc. as you need.


The clock can be dragged by the players in-game. You can disable this feature if you need a fix position clock. The theme of the clock can be easily changed and you can define up to 99 themes in minutes.


A mini time-changer script is optionally available, you can test Clock GUI with it extremely easily.
A mini help is also added, yo you don’t need to come back here to check what is this plugin good for :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll like this plugin & the clock!

A YouTube video is out now showing the clock coding (but not the themes and dragging codes yet - that will be in the Part 2. video coming soon).

A free (lite) version of the clock is available here (without dragging and multi-theme options, as shown in the YouTube video):

May you have any question, feedback or suggestion, feel free to share with me!


This looks amazing, however you should move the topic to #resources:community-resources.
I might be using this for my upcoming game.

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Just bought it, keep up the amazing work :slight_smile:

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Ty very much!

I was not sure where to put this post as the plugin is available for some Robux while the clock-only model is free. I hate when my post is removed (happened before) so I keep the peace and posted it here.

I’m happy if you use it in your game(s)! May I ask you a favour, if you don’t mind, please like it in the plugin toolbox :slight_smile:

Sure thing :slight_smile:
(chars chars chars)

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Bought! Keep up the good work! Will definetly use this and would’ve bought it even if it was more expensive!

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I’m thinking of making this a tutorial on my YouTube channel… “How to get WORKING CLOCKS - Roblox Studio”

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Actually I’ve made one, you can find the link above - but I’m happy if you do anything similar. :slight_smile:

I like to make my tutorials under 10 minutes long if possible :slight_smile:

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I was thinking on the price, I think it is a “low effort if you know how-to do” kind of thing.
I published a very innovative AutoWelder plugin for sale (29 Robux) - Feel free to check out that one if you are interested in model editing.

In fact this is new era for me to publish plugins in Marketplace, this was a recent surprise from Roblox to me, I try to keep the quality! :slight_smile:

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Good idea :slight_smile: I make 5-10 minutes tutorials in general, but this time I was lazy and missed out the cut phase.

  • info: In the original model there was a seconds pointer, that is useful if you want to show real-time (e.g. OS time) but mostly useless in game-time, this is why I left it out.
    In a “how-to make clock” tutorial it can be interesting…

A small change: the plugin will be disabled by default (as most plugins work).
Go to ‘Plugins’ menu, click on ‘Clock GUI Inserter’ icon to get acess to the dockable widget.

v1.1 Update:

New feature: Compass can be added to GUI!




  • default position is left / down corner
  • timer script removed when not in use (currently disabled only)

Clock & Compass GUI v1.2 update:

  • Fixed: default theme was not applied properly (but always the 1st one)

HI Guys!

A demo game is available to check out this plugin before you install it:

YouTube video about the use of Clock & Compass GUI plugin:

This is the Part 2. of a 2-part tutorial, the first video can be watched here:

Bought it just to upvote it and say nice work!

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Thank you for your choice and for the feedback!
May you’ll have any question just drop a line!

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Amazing work! love how clean it looks. Very useful (:

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Ty! I try to keep things simple :slight_smile: