Clone is multiplying everytime the modulescript is required!

Why is it everytime I require this modulescript for my Light move skill, it multiplies the beam each time I do the skill?

When I first do the skill, it works fine and only shoots out 1 laser beam, but then when I do it twice, thrice and so on, it multiplies, heres an example:

local functions = {}

function functions.Start(plr, humrp)
	local lightray = script.Light
	local pos = humrp.CFrame

	local lightclone = lightray:Clone()
	lightclone.Parent = workspace.Effects
	lightclone.CFrame = pos *, 0, -3)
	local BodyVel ="BodyVelocity")
	BodyVel.Parent = lightclone
	BodyVel.Velocity = humrp.Parent["Left Leg"].CFrame.UpVector * -150
	BodyVel.MaxForce =, math.huge, math.huge)
	BodyVel.P = 1000000000

return	functions

Are you sure you aren’t calling the .Start function everytime you require?
Nevermind, I didn’t understand your post for a while

I am pretty sure that I am…

This remote I made is for making the LocalScript fire the remote, and then the remote requires the module so it will be server-sided.