Clone Tycoon 2 Attributions


Youtube playlist containing all music: Clone Tycoon 2 Music (2023-) - YouTube

List of Translators
If you see a :email: emoji next to the translator’s name, they are happy to receive Roblox PMs about any translation problems!

  • Simplified Chinese by Halru
  • Traditional Chinese by Halru
  • Polish by Krunnie
  • Danish by @Yaenanr :email:
  • Spanish by Dronetto
  • Dutch by KingHugoLi
  • French by puacountguest1
  • Portuguese by 1XxHooverBrxX1
  • German by SilentGermanDude
  • Korean by Yee_DarkSoul
  • Italian by j00ci :email:
  • Latvian by RobloxNiks
  • Greek by Headless_Evan :email:
  • Turkish by DarkZeus2 :email:
  • Vietnamese by Super_NoobVEVO :email:
  • Hindi by Dan_E56 :email:
  • Indonesian by wheeletfauzanout :email:
  • Serbian by AstroDukee
  • Bosnian by AstroDukee
  • Croatian by AstorDukee
  • Malay by hamiezi