Clone vs, which one would be faster?

I’m wondering whether Object:Clone() is faster, or just and setting the properties faster in terms of performance.

Probably cloning? Depends on your exact situation. Test it and find out :slight_smile:

Also sort of unrelated but:

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It depends what your using it for, if you are cloning an object that has a ton of parts in it, then yes would be faster but if your cloning an object that is relatively small and/or doesn’t have a lot of parts like a union then it may not only be faster but easier to use Object:Clone()

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Hi Stratus, I was wondering does this also apply for UI’s, for example if I need to clone a simple image UI that is just an imagelabel, would it be better to clone from like replicatedstorage or create a and set the image properties?

I personally would clone it tbh because it has more on it then 1 thing

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