Clone Wars GFX Fan Art!

Only took 8-10 hours to work on, probably my best work tbh.

Let me know your thoughts about it!


Looks really cool. Lighting could be a tad bit better in some places, but overall, looks good.


That looks…cute… but try working on the fire effects & effects in general, that’d do very well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah, the fire effects were made in Blender. Surprised how well they turned out, might go back to using images of fire next time however.

In Adobe, you can adjust the fire to the background & use blur, several other tools to let it fit with the background & object. Try seeking for tutorials maybe to get inspired by these, as I can’t describe all at once :flushed:

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This is pretty good! Nice job dude!

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The render looks good. I don’t think the background fits in very well though.


Probably should’ve blurred it more tbh

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Looks really Nice good Job and I like the detail

Seems pretty nice, but here are my thoughts on it;

I’m gonna start with the foreground, the light seems to be constant so I think you’ve put the sun straight down, it reminded me of this image on what happens if the sun is pointing straight down:

I would suggest tilting the sun so that there are some solid shadows or even soft shadows, other than the reflection we see in the bridge, because shadows gives depth and volume making a scene more realistic.

Okay about the fire, a fire is a Light Source so I don’t think you should try and blend it with the background and It doesn’t give off Light in its surroundings (its reflection to the shiny bridge is missing) , but I think it would make sense mainly because the sun is straight down therefore affecting the fire so mainly this problem is connected to the main source in the scene.

Okay now with the bridge, We can clearly see that a ship just hit the bridge, try adding more debris within the range of impact to the bridge, I think you can achieve this by using cell fracture in blender.

Okay now with the background… It looks like a painting, is it a painting?
Also has the same problem with the foreground.

Overall, The Composition is fair, Try finding a more dynamic frame of the scene because even though its just an establishing shot, it looks stiff. The lighting is the main problem I see in the render, is this rendered in eevee somehow? If so try using cycles which is a real time render engine, the main difference is that cycles simulate realism (real time) lol.

These are just my opinions on it, and its a pretty nice fan art.

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This is really good! Lighting could be better though.

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This looks very good! Like @KnownMonarch said, the lighting could be better. In Adobe Photoshop, there is also a tool called the camera raw filter. You can find this under the “Filter” Tab on the top of the screen, and you can adjust different settings such as the shadows and exposure, which can make the scene more dramatic. In the Camera Raw Filter, there are also filters called the Graduated FIlter and a Radial Filter, which can change the color/lighting/shadows/texture/sharpness and much more to a certain area of the Thumbnail. I highly suggest looking into it, as it could change your editing workflow and make your graphics even better! Here is a Before/after Example of mine.

After- Just a suggestion, and I hope this helps! Good luck with your design!

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